Why do apples make you (or me in this case) burp?

I noticed when I eat apples I always let out a big burp and my friend burps when she eats apples too. We’re trying to find answers, but sadly we cant. Any of you guys have an idea? …Yea, I know, this question sucks.

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  • omg. hahah! yes,all the time! 😀 Digestion of the food in the bowel by acid, enzymes and bacteria all generates more gas. This in turn depends on what food you eat and what bugs that live normally in your bowel. The common foods that tend to cause more gas than others are: Apples Carbonated beverages Nuts Asparagus Cauliflower Onions Avocados Corn Peas, dried Beans, dried Dried Cucumbers Pepper, green Beer Eggs Radishes Broccoli Fish Rutabagas Brussel sprouts Melons Sauerkraut Cabbage Milk Turnips


  • maybe because apples are composed of 85% juice?

  • do you by any chance drink coke while eating your apple

  • haha, that’s never happened to me. maybe you’re taking in too much air when you eat?

  • P: Because they’re acidic..?

  • They are acidic

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