why do girls send texts saying ” haha ok lol” ?

i was just talking to a girl i like n on a few ocasions she sent that text and it doesnt make sense like you cant even text back to that at all and you just think to yourself did i say something lol

oh i get that part i did say something funny but i also asked her when she is getting home but she ignored that part you know what i mean

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  • They send that text to you because they think that whatever you said was funny. I know it is hard but the only thing you can do is start a new subject and hope for the best.

  • “Haha ok lol” basically means in girl language: “I read what you wrote, but I’m either too lazy or too bored to write something back. But I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you, so I’ll just write anything.” It’s just like “whats up?” – it doesnt really mean anything. People say it when they have nothing better to say or don’t wanna put in the effort to write a real responce. It’s just like saying “Yeah, I hear you” or “Word”. Just a way of acknowledging the other person.

  • I was recently sat in a bus next to a very attractive and intelligent-looking girl and she received a text, clearly from some moronic guy and I managed to read it out of the corner of my eye and it had the word ‘lol’ about 11 times in a three paragraph text, basically at the end of every sentence. I felt like saying to her ‘Please, please tell me you’re not romantically involved with a complete f**kwit who writes like that’ but, before I got the chance, she began writing back to him and, in her text, she used ‘lol’ about 8 times.

    I despair for the youth of today, the majority of whom clearly have no idea how to write correctly 🙁

  • She only likes u as friends type I do that to with guys I only like as friends I’m like “yea, okay, lol”. But when I like a guy I’m all like “Yea:) haha your funny 😉 ” “okay I know:) I can’t wait to see u . Where are u at?” See the diffrence lol

  • I guess it depends on what you said to her to make her send that text. I would send one like that if a guy sent me something that was supposed to be funny…

  • It’s just to show that they think what you said was funny. I personally don’t like LOL.

  • Ok Lol

  • it means i dont care

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