Why do I chew loud even when my mouth is closed?

My husband gets irritated at me because for some reason, I chew loud even tho my mouth is closed. He says he can hear me chewing from another room and it's even worse when foods are crunchy, but he can hear me chewing soft foods even! I don't chew loud on purpose and he knows that, but it still gets on his nerves. 🙁

Anyone have a clue as to why this is going on? Or a way to maybe stop it?

Thanks in advance 🙂

3 Answers

  • Lack of saliva in your mouth? Try drinking more while eating.

  • hard foods are loud and crunchy, and can t be chewed quietly. ironic that he should gripe about this. there is a condition called misophonia, and that means the person can t handle a person eating or drinking, etc.

    often a lot easier to pass it off as bad manners, which can make a person feel self conscious. I believe misophonia is in the genes. they ll often say to someone chew with their mouth closed, or stop being so noisy with the silverware.

  • I additionally think of he's ridiculous. he's merely asserting that as considered one of those odd administration. earlier you recognize it, it relatively is going to be "there's a manner OF respiration QUIETLY". don't be afraid to chew! you have closed your mouth, what extra does he prefer? which you will liquidise all crunchy meals?!

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