why do i get a message from 732-873?

who is 732-873

why an i getting this text message

why are the text message telling me to change a password and sending what the password is

23 Answers

  • sounds like someone is trying to scam you. dont give out any info of yourself.

  • 732-873 Text Message

  • I had yahoo send me a text and it came from the same 732-873, im guessing if you put your phone number on the account, yahoo will send you a message as a reminder every few months

  • I have the same issue and am instructed to change my password for each of the last three days. When I go to the password change, I’m asked for a code which is sent from the same text message number. Once I change my password, my service is restored. Don’t understand the problem. If this persists, I will move my primary account to google mail, which I have resisted. HELP!

  • what is this? I submitted exactly the code 732-873

  • I deleted the account from my computer and IPhone. i did auto forward all the emails to another email account and I am migrating my “senders” to other emails. There are a lot of problems on the ATT Yahoo side that are not solvable by the user. This was great is 1999, but it is way way behind in 2014/15

  • I keep getting these too. It’s a Crock. Yahoo won’t do anything because, they don’t care. They’re WAAAAAAAAAAAAY to busy making sure no one uses (ALL) Capital letters, or Various Words and Abbreviations that could be used as “Curse Words”, making sure Yahoo Messenger doesn’t work right, fixing thing until they don’t work anymore… Need I go on?

  • https://shorturl.im/ocp1X

    I got an email message from the same guy you did. Except he was asking me all these questions about how 9/11 was an inside job and it was all a big conspiracy, etc. I got it a few weeks ago. This isn’t the first time he sent me that either.

  • okay so i just sa2 this because i was wondering why when i changed my password on snapchat and yahoo, it sent from the same number. all it could be is some weirdo tryna get into your account. the only thing that weirds me out is that yahoo, microsoft, and snapchat use the same number O_o

  • I got one telling to use come code for Microsoft. I do not use my cell number on any online services nor do I even have a password change for MS. Its a phishing scam.

  • I put on this on reject list. I keep getting all these dings where I am sure they are still trying to call me. They are calling all hours of the day and night. Need to get this to stop. I do not have any problems with any of my accounts right now.

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