Why do I have an irrational fear of boating?

To be honest, I have no reason to fear boating whatsoever, but I do and the issue here is I have no clue what fear is when it comes to boating.

I grew up on a boat as a young child and I remember I never liked boating that much as a teenager, but I still went out boating for my dad. I do remember a while back, I didn’t even want to go on a dingy with him not only due to it being so low, but the fact it was shortly after a car accident I had gotten into about a year prior to that. I remember him yelling at me saying something like this: “It’s not a car, just get in it!” So, I did and I was fine when he was going super slow through the canal and he promised me, he’d go slow to wherever he was taking me to where he broke his promise and literally hauled it on me (that’s what it felt like to me). I do remember even when I was a child that whenever my dad had a boat that had an underneath inside area, for some reason I always felt safer down there so I’d usually stay down there for quite a while. I remember as soon as my dad sped up in the dingy, I not only LOST IT on him, I was screaming my head off at him.

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Anyways: Also, please be mindful that I literally have not been on a boat in 10 years. For some reason, I don’t feel comfortable on boats and I know there’s a reason as to why I don’t feel comfortable on a boat, but how do I figure that out? I don’t know if my fear is silly or not, but I know how to swim eve, there’s going to be 6 other people on a boat including an adorable 2-year old

I meant to say I know how to swim even though I never do. My dad does know how to control and drive a boat, but I tried to sit on the boat on a lift w/o going inside the boat itself and I couldn’t even sit there for a min. w/o getting anxiety, but something caused it and I don’t know what that is. Also, this is not something that I can get over in a second or even in 1 day. Basically, how do I figure out what my fear is?

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing is staying away from boats for the past 10 years. Is it possible for me to Not like boating without a reason as to why I don’t like it? My family wants a reason as to why I don’t like boating. My dad wants me to be able to go boating w/him & my brother where I want to get over my fear, but I don’t know how to b/c idk what my fear is. I need to figure that out first, but idk how to figure that out first.?

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  • This question belongs in Health/Mental Health it has nothing to do with answers from people who know about boats – see a shrink and figure it out with a professional or do as suggested just stay away from boats.

  • Stay away from boats and the water.  Anybody could have told you that but yourself.

    I am afraid of taking the escalator myself.  What do I do?  I take the stairs or the elevator.

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