Why do I negatively obsess over minor yet embarrassing mistakes even if they happened years ago?

3 Answers

  • You are not able to let go of the past.  If you keep looking back at the past, you will fall on your face today cause you weren’t paying attention.  Let go of the past, it is not helping you today.  Today has issues you need to pay attention to & if you don’t see it cause you were looking back, you will fall today.  The past is water under the bridge, it is gone.  Let it go.

  • Stronger mental imprint maybe caused by a developing brain and body dumping out masssive amounts of chemicals…


  • This is just a guess, and I would suggest you consult a professional if you begin having genuine trouble functioning in your daily life. My guess is you suffer from OCD, which in your case is tormenting you with an inner thought process of, “I must do well.”

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