Why do liberals promote diversity while ignoring its numerous downsides?

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  • Somebody told them a beautiful story when they were children. And no matter what they see, hear, or experience, they are determined to make it come true. It doesn’t matter to them if they have to use the tactics of Satan himself to accomplish it. Yeah, it makes no sense to me either.

  • The biggest downside is that there are intolerant jerkwads who don’t like it and cause trouble specifically because of it. Beware of anecdotal evidence, because it completely ignores cause.

  • They are making the best of the situation.

    People should not be forced to migrate, but once they are here, then they should be welcomed.

  • Bluntly put, it doesn’t affect them.

    It’s easy to tout diversity when you’re living in a largely homogeneous community

    Speaking anecdotally,I live in a town which, despite having nearly 50,000 residents only has one public high school.

    This means the kids from the middle class and predominantly white west side of town attend the same school as kids from the low income black areas on the east side of town.

    Because progressives are completely detached from reality, they would doubtless say this a wonderful and beautiful thing. These two groups are going to come together and shun the racial divisions of the past by mutually enriching each other with their vibrant cultural experiences.

    What it actually looks like,as you probably could have guessed, is a lot of smart, hard working kids with stable families from the west side of town,many of them going to college after graduation, and a lot of violent, unruly, obnoxious, disruptive, and fatherless black kids who couldn’t care less about their own education, let alone your kids’.

    But, according to Cultural Marxist dogma, all cultures are equally valid, thus, if you don’t want your children going to school with ghettoized blacks, you are a racist.

  • What downsides would those be? The areas with the most immigrants in the US also have the lowest crime rates. Most terror attacks are committed by white males.

    In Victorian London, with an almost all white population, 1 in 4 women had to turn to prostitution to survive. Economic inequality is the biggest threat to all of us, not diversity.

  • They don’t promote real diversity, such as that of ideas, but just the superficial diversity of people of different physical traits, which matters the least.

    Today’s “liberals” seem obsessed with the superficial.

  • Liberals are a different breed of inbred people. Hopefully scientists will study them one day.

  • Dear TheTruthisRacist:

    Still posting your own questions and going anonymous so you can then answer them yourself, eh?

    Grow up.


  • Diversity is just a reality in today’s world, no need to promote it

  • They pretend believing in 57 genders is “diversity”.

  • Why dont you move to an all-white rural area if you’re so unhappy?

    The fly-over states are tailor made for white trash

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