Why do people steal hub caps? Do they have any value?

Why do people steal hub caps? Somebody stole my hubcap on the front passenger side. Just one. I reckon it’s not even one of those high end hub caps. It’s probably about 8 years old but I still wonder why people steal these things. Do they have any value?

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  • Some people just steal stuff because they're peice of **** theives.half the time they don't even need or want what they steal.

  • The answer from "Josh" is good; I used to work at a store that sold used hubcaps and most of the time, the R/F hubcap would come off the rim due to the driver hitting curbs while parking (most people have no clue they even do it until they see a cap missing one day). Usually if caps are stolen, they are taken as a set, and must be very nice for a thief to want them. There are still some stores that sell good used caps - look online and you can buy just one

  • If it's original equipment on the car, yes. They are all quite

    expensive . Even a plain hubcap is somewhat custom, there's

    just so many different kinds & sizes and that makes them pricey.

    It could have been a pothole, a bump, a theif or a number of

    situations here. But I'll bet you're going to appreciate your hubcap

    a little more when you try to find one at the price they go for.

    ebay will have pictures and sizes, or try a local auto recycler.

    Hope this helps a bit...

  • Stealing Hubcaps

  • its not that they're hghly valuable, its just that there are low lives out there who might've lost a hub cap on their car and instead of buying a new set, they rather leach off of hard working people who earn what they have.

  • yes, if they are "rims" but regular plastic hub caps wouldn't. Plastic ones fall off easily, could that have been a possibility?

  • pranks or they need it for thier own car

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