Why do people still go anonymous on Yahoo when they’re closing this place down?

7 more days. 

But what’s the point? No one knows who anyone is even with the alias names revealed.

5 Answers

  • because they are pathetic cowards, that is the real reason.

  • Because while this site will die, idiocy never does.

  • It could be a number of reasons:

    1. They want to keep their ID’s a secret because they don’t want people knowing who they are. Maybe they don’t trust certain people.

    2. They don’t feel comfortable making their ID’s public.

    3. They are probably asking a lot of personal questions and don’t want to be embarrassed.

    4. They want to avoid being targeted by trolls.

  • They are either genuine  afraid users that get abused by Trolls ,   or its Trolls   answering…  1 or the other

  • Because they do not want other users to know who they are.

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