Why do people think red hair is trashy?

I personally think that red hair is gorgeous. I’m a natural blonde, and I shrug off compliments about my blonde hair because I know a ton of people with blonde hair and it gets boring after a while.

I think red hair shows that the person with red hair (natural or not) has a personality, isn’t afraid to be a bit bold, and they don’t want to be apart of the crowd.

I dye my hair red all the time, and people sometimes compliment it, but most of the time they give me a weird stare of disgust. I’ve even had people in my school tell me that red hair is trashy.

So, this brings up my question: why do some people think red hair is trashy?

I personally think I look really pretty with red hair.


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I would prefer to get answers from people who think its trashy, to get their side.

Plus, people with natural red hair: PLEASE don’t dye your hair blonde because some people don’t like red hair. I think it’s the prettiest hair color. So be proud of your redness. I’m natural blonde, and I kind of hate to be blonde. So please, don’t dye it, Red!

Also, the reason why my hair isn’t a natural looking red is because when I try to dye my hair a natural red color, it turn out blonde, with a tint of pink.

So I dye it dark red.

Thanks for all of the answers! And I do get the hint that some people think that my color is unnatural and trashy. πŸ™‚

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  • i’m going to be dying my hair red next month, whether or not people tell me it’s trashy. most people i’ve talked to love red hair and i know a guy who really likes girls with red hair; i think it’s just because red hair is said to be whore’s hair or something- at least that’s what i heard somewhere.

    but you’re really great to ignore all that! xxx

  • I think they think your color is trashy because it’s sooo unnatural looking. I’ve never seen a real red head out there that had that shade of red. I personally think it’s trashy looking, but natural red heads most certainly are not. You need to find a better shade if you’re sticking to red(…and don’t wanna be called trashy).

  • It depends if it even looks good on a person. People are telling you it looks trashy probably bc they don’t like the look on you. just like you hate being a blonde, some people hate their red hair.

  • yeah, i’m really blonde. and i hate it. i think having red hair like having blonde hair, it has a stereotype. i’m a straight a student, but yet i’m a dumb blonde. and people look at you and say hey! your a fire crotch piece of trash because you have red hair. people will be jealous, red hair is very pretty. haha, you need to pat yourself on the back that you still choose to be a red head.



  • it actually relies upon on your character. once you’re elegant and intense-high quality besides (which you seem, seen as you care!), you would be positive. It relies upon on the way you gown too, in case you place on tracksuits, it incredibly is going to be trashy each and each time and notwithstanding. in case you gown intense-high quality and stylish and good, it incredibly is incredibly stunning? have you ever seen eternal Sunshine of the Spotless recommendations? great action picture. yet between the main staggering characters, Clementine, dyes her hair some diverse hues throughout the time of and he or she seems incredibly reliable. Google her! reliable success and decide for it, dare to be diverse I say πŸ˜‰

  • naturally red hair isn’t trashy, its just you can tell when someone dyed their hair red, and it just kinda looks fake.. to me. no offense. lol

    i mean, i really don’t get why people dye their hair different from their natural color anyway, i think hair looks soooo much better natural…

  • Oo your color is soo nice!

    Grr. i tried dying my hair red/auburn this summer, and it didn’t work out so well because I had dark hair to start off with…

    Anyways, people are just ignorant and quick to judge whatever is different. I love your hair!

  • peg bundy

  • they’re jealous

  • no they arent..

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