Why do schools ban trends?

If one child comes to school with a certain toy, the teachers won’t care. But if everyone comes to school with the same toy and it has come to the point where all stores have sold out, then some schools will consider banning them. For example, fidget spinners, rainbow rubber bands, and “slime” have been banned at some schools in the past. In Canada here, a few schools are considering banning the latest childrens’ and teens’ craze: fidget spinners. They don’t seem to ban fashion trends as much here, just with toys. It’s not harmful to anyone and I doubt they’d care if only 3 people had them, but the whole school has them now.

3 Answers

  • Stuff like that does get disruptive. I remember years ago “clackers” got popular. These are two good sized plastic balls joined together by a 18 inch or so string– and you swung them a certain way to make them hit each other and “clack”. Noisy and also dangerous if they slipped out of your hand when swinging– so there is a good reason to try and reduce disruptions with all the recent trends.

  • It’s might be because although fidget spinners do help some people who learn better if fidgeting, for a lot of people, especially teenagers it is just a distraction and if everybody is spinning things in class instead of writing then there isn’t really any point in even teaching the lesson, also even though one fidget spinner isn’t that loud thirty odd of them are going to be quite annoying to listen to also it hasn’t actually been proved to help with ADHD so there wouldn’t be a medical argument to it unless you could actually prove to the teacher that the student has improved with the fidget spinner

  • How do you mean banning trends?

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