Why do some people feel bad when they re alone for a long period of time?

I guess that might not be true for everybody, or is it?

Anyway, what might be the reason for it, that someone will start to feel bad after a long time of not communicating with a person?

Is there something that is rising then?

What is it?

Is it like an addiction? that after you don t get your fix for some time then you start to feel withdrawal symptoms?

I m not looking for evolutionary justifications, or answers such as

“this is how we built”, or

“cause a human is a social animal”,

But i m asking how does it work? what is happening when someone is alone a long period of time?

2 Answers

  • When a lone too much people become self centered and self centered people are unhappy.

  • These people need acknowledgment from others

    to feel useful.They falsely believe we need others to be happy.

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