Why do they say gank instead of kill in Supernatural?

In the show, i’ve notcied many times they substitute kill or killed with “gank” or “ganked.” Just wondering why that is? Does it have to do with restrictions on the channel or show?

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  • I think it is more a Dean think. I don’t think Sam or Bobby use the term that often and if they do they say it like they are distastefully quoting Dean, almost making fun of him.

    It is a Dean thing and I also think he finds as many ways as possible to describe a kill. Popped, burnt, pulled the cord, crispied, cleaned their clocks, ganked, ginsued (a popular steak knife set), sliced and diced, shaked and baked. I mean if you listen to Dean he has referenced a few dozen ways easy that he and Sammy have killed or been threatened to kill ‘hey Bobby I hope you got some way to off these ꜱᴜcκers because they are about to rip out our hearts and feed it to their young’, ‘… they are about to drop some bad juju all around this room’, ‘…this guy is about to shred us and sprinkle us around the room like salt (or confetti). You get the drift. It is usually Dean who comes up with these witty rejoinders. Sam once in awhile but I’m sure gank is one of those ones Dean throws around relentlessly.

  • Ganked Definition

  • Yeah. It drives me nuts that Dean constantly uses gank wrong. It’s not just a synonym for kill. It means a group of people killing someone much weaker than themselves.

  • I somehow doubt the show is restricted from saying “killed”…

    Anyways, Gank is a term from massive-mulitplayer-online (MMO) video games, like World Of Warcraft.

    In a game that allows players to attack and kill each other, a gank is when you teleport a low level character to yourself (or your gang) and mercilessly kill him.

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