Why do we have ear lobes?

Whats the point?

10 Answers

  • You could say they are fat storage, but that might be a bit pessimistic.

    More likely earlobes may have contributed to the attractiveness of the lobed individual, may have contributed to hearing acuity, or somehow acted as a vestigial cooling apparatus. Any of these effects would increase the possibility of producing more or healthier offspring thereby making it an advantage to keep them. Thus…earlobes get to stay. And we get to hang bobbles off them.

  • Ask the one who created us…I guess to pierce.Ear lobes are simply excess skin from our ears.There are 2 types of ear lobes,attached and non-attached.Those with non-attached have their ear lobes kind of like hanging from the ear while those with attached ones don’t.The attached ear lobes have little or no excess skin I guess.The type of ear-lobe you get is heredity.

  • its just an vestigial organ not much of use , only to Peirce ear rings or for our teachers and parents to pull them when v are naughty

  • To hang earrings on and they are fun to pinch.

  • So we can hear all rages of pitch and with sense of direction. Good enough, yes?

  • To help catch sound waves.Our hearing would not be as good without them.

  • Why Do We Have Earlobes

  • to put earrings in your ear.

  • they help heat escape, to keep you cool… just like an elephants

  • Wouldn’t we be ugly without them?

    I think so…u_u..yes we would be.

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