Why do we have to go through it to get social security-the money we worked for, but moms get welfare with no problem & its not their money?

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  • yeah, giving birth and raising a kid (or kids) on your own…no problem at all, eye roll

    BTW, thanks to Retardicans, single mothers DO have to jump through a lot of hoops and fill out ppwk all the time to get any help, I was a single mom (he’s in college now) and now I’m on SS Disability and I still fill out ppwk OCCASIONALLY but for the most part, it’s been much easier with SS than the BS I had to go through as a single mother!

    Retardicans go out of their way around here to make sure every pregnant woman has to raise a child, regardless of the circumstances but try to prevent them from getting any help…once that child is born, they REALLY DON’TY CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE WELFARE OF THE CHILD!

  • Everything you think you know about welfare is wrong.


  • Because no one likes anonymous trolls, so we created a system that annoys them specifically, halfwit.

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