Why do we originate from Africa?

Obviously there were other lands than Africa when humans were first existent but why did we come only from Africa

7 Answers

  • We don’t.  Africa didnt exist as it does now when humans evolved. This  assertion is just propaganda.  Designed to promote the race relations industry. 
  • well we sort of do, but 2 points,  the crib of civilization is Istanbul Turkey and the whole of that area…..regardless, we originate, originally, from the sea…..least that’s what i will always believe.. @Mintee   Respect 🙂
  • I don’t know.. I’m not sure I buy into every theory that “science” puts out there? Some make a very compelling argument that make it sound plausible, other times some of these theories sound like the dumbest idea ever? Maybe if they didn’t get it wrong so often, it would be easier to believe. When “experts” tell me that the natives in Puma Punku used sticks and sand to mill shapes and quarry 5 ton boulders over 2 miles above sea level, 2 thousand years ago, I gotta call bs. Or the “experts that said if the sound barrier was broken, it would rip the plane and the man apart. In 1947 Chuck Yeager proved them wrong. Today, its funny…folks that are positive that there is man made global warming call anyone that isn’t on aboard a “flat Earther” and say its all about science. Well, ok…but it was the leading scientist back in the day that said the Earth was flat? The explorers proved them wrong. I’m not saying we’re didn’t originate in Africa, but a lot of things point to Mesopotamia (Iran / Iraq). Doubt everything !
  • I dont think it matters.. you’d probably asking the same question if all humans originated from China, or Russia, .. it doesnt matter in the scheme of things.. we are all related by DNA anyways.. just love your neighbor as you love yourself.. and treat everyone with dignity and respect… 
  • Does it really matter? If it is a fact, so what? If new discoveries show we do not, and? SCIENCE MUST SHOW US. Put hate and fear aside and LEARN.
  • I don’t think we did.  The Euphrates River is mentioned in Genesis 2:14  so I’m going with Iraq. 
  • I’ve never even been to Africa. Did you mean: – Why did humans originate in Africa? In fact although the evidence supporting that theory is quite good it’s not conclusive and there remain competing theories (real scientific theories proposed by real scientists but NOT so well-supported by the available evidence).

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