Why Do Women Marry Down, But Date Up?

I tend to notice that most women try to date “up” so to speak. Either looks wise, financially, intellectually, etc. Most women try to date good looking, smart, intelligent men. But when they end up getting married, I notice that most women marry a guy who is usually “below” their level either looks wise, financially, etc etc

What I’m saying is that a lot of women “settle” when they get married, but don’t settle when they are dating

1 Answer

  • Maybe those types of women mature by the time they marry. If they’re just going for looks and financial ability then maybe they’re a bit shallow. I mean, I get the importance of what a man does for a living, but his wallet and his looks aren’t good enough choices to be committed to a man. There has to be more than that.

    A good-looking man with money can also come off as being arrogant, thinking he’s better, and can be hard to deal with. That could be one other reason. A man that is like this does not always mean he’s a nice package that a guaranteed good catch.

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