Why do you have to be 18+ years to buy super glue?

5 Answers

  • I’m pretty sure you can get high off of it. Just like Spray Paint. U have to be 18 to buy that. And they don’t want u gluing your hands together or something. Or worse. Your legs haha.

  • Because the US government must punish the kids of America who like to build models and fix pottery because of the less than 1% of under 18 year old people who get high off glue. The government must protect them. Even though its easy enough for them to steal it.

  • The idea is the same as in aerosols in that it can mess with your head..

    Unfortunately mad people of the world like to go around getting high off the glue, you could say the same for areosols, but we don’t want people stinking now do we πŸ˜‰

  • Google the term “huffing” or “huffers”, and that should give you your answer. I think that’s why stores like Target stopped selling model hobby supplies a while back, which really stinks when you lived in a small town in the days before internet.

  • ever watch american pie enough said πŸ˜€

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