Why does Blanket hate the light?

Greg Hughes and Anthony Cumia said Blanket hates the light. Why?

15 Answers

  • I heard there was an accident at Ted’s Light Emporium a few years ago and the poor kids never been the same since.

  • Jim Norton will give full explanation on Jul 24 & 25 at Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta GA

  • Blanket rules the night and O and A are big sillies and Jimmy is a big boy.

  • Opie and Anthony on Sirius/Xm radio mornings 6-11 am. They have all the answers.

  • opie and anthony just like to see if they can control google trends.when one of there characters died(tippy tom)it went to num.1,plus worldwide news companies,including fox news, picked up that tippy tom died.tippy was a homeless drunk gay guy who provided some damn good radio.

  • To poster above me, Blanket is not his real name, its a nickname.

    And he’s a little kid, and shy…doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the light..literally?

  • Blanket is the cutest thing! But I can’t imagine him using that name in adulthood.

  • Blanket, Michael’s child? He’s shy like his father. He’s also very young.

  • A better question would be why the efff did Jacko name that poor kid “blanket”? I hope he never has to go to regular school!

  • You better not be talking about Prince Michael ii

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