Why does eggnog give you diarrhea?

Several months ago, I had 2 large glasses of eggnog and I got really bad diarrhea right afterwards :/

4 Answers

  • Eggnog is traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, and whipped eggs. If you never got this reaction before then (1) you may be allergic to contents from that particular brand…(some even have peanuts residue…read the label next time carefully) or (2) it went bad….the date may have been good, but maybe someone left it on the counter or in the car too long. == And, the more obvious answer is that you may be allergic to milk or eggs (often called lactose intolerance). It might not show up all the time. For some people, they have to eat or drink Lots of dairy products to get a bad reaction (eg, a whole container of chip dip). Since you drink 2 large glasses, I would say that is the problem. If you love it, then switch to the many “fake” dairy products that have soy etc. Or, stick to one small “cocktail glass” next time. My best friend has this problem—when she drinks/eats certain foods, the food seems to flush right thru her, so don’t let people tell you it’s not possible.

  • If it was immediatly afterwards, it probably had nothing to do with the eggnog. Food/drink can’t go through you that fast. If it was a few hours later, it was probably because of the very high sugar content, because you are allergic, or because it was bad.

  • It could have been anything. Perhaps you are sensitive to one of the ingredients, maybe it was a little off, maybe you ate something else that disagreed with you, maybe you got a touch of stomach flu.

  • That was two months ago. Plus, it was probably just a monster living in your stomach. He mustve moved out with your last load of crap.

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