Why does Hollister clothing smell so good?

I LOVE the smell of new hollister t-shirts. They smell like the store your first couple times wearing them. So, what does Hollister do to make the store smell so good? Is it the perfume that’s always sprayed? If so, how much is the girls perfume?

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  • the girls perfume is like 30-50 and yah they spray everything with perfume =)

  • Yeah I know, I just bought one yesterday. I wore it today and I kept on smelling it. Lol, so yeah they spray everything with perfume to make it smell good. Maybe that’s why they are expensive.

  • They spray everything every half hour Last year it was the Jake cologne, now it’s SoCal.

    the perfume ranges from 20-45 dollars

  • Yeah, they spray perfume constantly in the store and on the clothes. I’ve seen them. Here’s the link to the perfume:


  • yeah its just the purfum they spray on the clothes. and theres a coupe different kinds i wear malia some of the time which smells superrr good :] and i think for the big one it was only like 25. :]]

  • They go around with a big gallon of Hollister perfume and hose everything down. Seriously, I’ve watched them do it. Even though the clothes smell good, you should wash them before you wear them. Whenever the employees need to straighten up the shelves, they take all the clothes off and throw them on the floor to refold them. Just my personal opinion, but that’s gross. I know so many girls who don’t wash them before wearing them when they bring them home. It’s also disgusting because do you know how many other people have tried on those clothes before you? I don’t think you want to.

    Hope this helps!

  • For the girl perfume, there are 2 sizes. The larger comes with an accessory (a charm on it is for Ryder, a perfume sprayer for Malaia.)

    SoCal- 1.7oz is $34.50

    2.5oz is $44.50

    Ryder- 1.7oz is $19.50

    2.5oz is $29.50

    Malaia-2oz is $34.50

    1oz is $24.50

  • they have some style of specific heady scent for the shop and so then they sprayed around the heady scent disperse everywhere indoors the shop and consequently the heady scent blended to the clothing it rather is the way it stored the heady scent of their clothing. yet Jake cologne have a very comparable heady scent.

  • They spray everything with the fragrance.

    ( even the fragance!! lol)

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