Why does it feel good when somebody plays with your hair?

It's just something I've always wondered. Everyone seems to like it and I'd be interested to know the psychology behind it.

24 Answers

  • Because your face is a very intimate and very personal part of your body. It's what people see when they see you and is a large part of your identity. Look how much money is spent on haircare and make-up and plastic surgery.

    Someone's face or hair is a very personal part of themselves, and when you let someone touch it you're letting them get very close to you physically and emotionally. They're not just in 'your space', they're in your 'very personal space'.

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  • I love getting my hair played with. When I was in 2nd grade, this girl behind me kept playing with my hair during class. It felt great!

  • The scalp is actually a very sensitive area in terms of touch.

    So, you'd expect touch can lead to a lot of pleasure.

    It probably stimulates the hair follicles.

    Or something along those lines..

  • maybe by playing with your hair the person is saying they like your hair?

    and people who dont like having their hair touched either

    A) dont like their own hair

    B) dont like the person whos playing with their hair.

    Source(s): just guessing. =)
  • i asked my mom that and she told me that when i was a baby i would always stop crying and startʙʀᴇᴀsт feeding when she massaged my head. it seems weird but it seems to explain why i m always in a state of ecstasy when someone is fondling with my curls

  • I've always wondered that, too. A couple of my friends hate it, but most of them love it as well.

  • Mabe like a turn on or something.

  • I like it when a girl plays with my silky hair.

  • I like when ppl play in my hair. It feels better when they do,rather than when I combs it or play in it.

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