Why does lil jon always wear glasses?

10 Answers

  • ask him

  • Lil Jon No Glasses

  • Lil Jon No Sunglasses

  • he wears the Oakleys with the mp3 player hookup because he invented them. Few people know that Lil Jon is also an entrepaneur. He wears them to promote them.

  • He has lazy eyes and wore prescription glasses in highschool and he always stays high…The others already said how he promotes the shades for that company.

  • Well if few people know that he is an entrepreneur I guess he isn’t doing such a good job at it. I didnt know he invented anything. Where are the ads or anything promoting his inventions or whatever else he does.

  • Their his trademark and I (emphasis on I) think that he first began wearing them in public to cover his eyes. He has a lazy eye or something of that sort or he could just be too “crunk” to show his eyes.

    Source(s): What? Yeah!!!! Okay!!!!!
  • well its like a thing he uses all about to be different like that guy flavour flav carrying a watch on his neck all the time

    Source(s): my alter ego bubu
  • he should wear a bag over his head and a ɡɑɡe for his mouth..OKAY

  • becuz the sunglasses, dreads, and his catch phrases are his trademark. thats wut everybody knows him for

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