Why does Lucky Charms make ur waste green, and sometimes makes u have diaria?

It happens to me every time I used to eat lucky charms (I don't anymore) and I want to know why if u can help thanks

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  • Some of the marshmellows in Lucky Charms contain a food dye called Brilliant Blue FCF (or Blue 1) which reacts with the bile in your stomach and causes green Ŧᴇcᴇs. This dye is found in a lot of foods that are dyes blue, green, and sometimes purple, and you don't have to eat too much of it for it to have this effect.

    As for the diarrhea, that could be any number of things. It could be that you're slightly allergic to an ingredient, or you could be lactose intolerant to the milk you add to the cereal, or as someone previously said, you could be having a reaction to the artificial sweeteners.

  • Sounds familiar.

    Look at the box. See what is the sweetener used in the Lucky Charms.

    There are several sugar substitutes that will do this to you... turn the PӨӨP green and if you eat too much, make you loose as a goose.

    one example is Maltilol... another is Xylitol...

    The artificial sweeteners often do this when you eat too much.

  • Food dyes & Sugar & Preservitives & Dairy Products will do this to you.

    All the above aren't good for you, & yes even Milk which through much advertisᴇмᴇɴt is thought to be good isn't. Check the below link out.

    Food on the shelves have a long shelf life & aren't good for you. Why do they have a long shelf life? So, if they do not sell immediately, they will still be sold.

    If you are serious about looking into health matters, please see the link below.

    Source(s): www.notmilk.com/

    It has various things there to help you consider what you are doing to UR health.

  • I get same problem with Lucky Charms. Green diarrhea. I use lactose free milk. But I think I may be sensitive to gluten. If you notice you get diarrhea or stomach pains from pasta, breads, etc it could be a gluten sensitivity and may want to cut gluten out of your diet.

  • I have the same problem! Diarrhea & green PӨӨP hours after I eat it! I know it's not the gluten because this is the only food item that I eat, that has caused this. I can also drink milk with no problem. So, there is something in it, just can't figure out what it is.

  • that has never happened to me after eating lucky charms

  • without fail everytime i eat lucky charms i get green-blue PӨӨP and makes be really have to go the bathroom. i like to joke and say, 'lucky charms...they're magically colonic''.

  • Just got LCD, all symptoms. Ahhh! I had 2 bowls last night and one this morning. Took til about 3 pm to be affected. Never had this before.

  • It is the dye that they us to make the marmallows colorful. when you eat too much of that dye your stoumach gets upset and you have diaria.

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  • Food dye could cause the color change. It is possible that you are allergic to something in this product.

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