Why does my car shake when I slow down?

I have a dodge stratus that shakes when I slow down. Sometimes it’s kind of violent. 🙂

I know I need to replace the oxygen sensor…but I don’t think that has anything to do with shaking when I slow down.

Insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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  • It sounds like if it can be plenty of things. Some more questions to ask is if its shaking while driving then it could be time for new tires/rotate and/or balance your tires. Another thing, if its your brakes, they would make noise from them while your driving and braking. Do you notice any noise. Turn the radio off and lower the windows and listen for any noise. O2 sensor has nothing to do with it, although I would replace it ASAP especially with gas prices being so high. But I hope everything works out great, and good luck

  • You are right, the oxygen sensor has nothing to do with the shaking. Brakes. The rotors are probably warped.

  • sounds like you got a brake rotorthats warped..take it to a local shop and see if they have a brake lathe and if they do they will resurface em for you..but they may be out of spec. and then youd need to replace em..get them to check your brake pads also..they may need changing..that sometimes causes your brakes to become warped..but your oxygen sensor has nothin to do with it

  • sounds like warped rotors from overheating.

    replace the o2 sensor to restore your gas mileage.

  • if your car is shaking when you are braking, you probably need new brakes. i would recommend new brake pads and rotors. you can either resurface the rotors if you take it to a brake shop which would probably be cheaper. hope that helps.

  • your brake rotors are warped and need replaced

  • if it is a stick shift it coulds be because of the tranny or bad shifting =]

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