Why does my gf got mostly forearm & wrist tattoos? But no where else? It is kind of unattractive ?

So my girlfriend she’s a tattoo artist . She’s 21. 

She didn’t start getting tattoos till she turned 18. So I see that she got tattoos that is cover with two on her right forearm including her wrist. Then on the left one on the forearm . She just booked one of her all time fav tattoo artist to get “WARR;OR” with a crown. It’s going to be a medium size tattoo but on her upper left arm the inside. 

But she only got one tattoo on her chest on the right that says loyalty. Then one on her left upper arm on her shoulder saying self love with a rose.

But like I don’t know to me I find it unattractive how she just wanna cover her arms mostly . I’ve asked her for the reason for her doing her forearms mostly, she doesn’t talk about it. All she says “it helps me” that’s it. Where she’s getting her new one that she just booked. She’s putting it where I see 3-4 scars that look old.. since she’s a tattoo artist I thought she would know that idk if a artist can but tattoo over a scar. 

When she was 18 she got 3 tattoos that were all a month apart. Then got another one recently. 

Does she just like tattoos or some. But she don’t even tell me the meaning behind them. I’m assuming she just getting it to get them

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  • Nothing flat-lines the wood like ink on a hot girl…

  • In some areas you’re legally not allowed to get a tattoo until you turn 18.

    Yes tattoos can some what cover scars. The scar will be there but it’s covered with a tattoo so it’s not that noticeable. 

    Some people just like the tattoos they get, there doesn’t always have to be some meaning behind getting a tattoo. 

    If you don’t like her and her tattoos, maybe it’s time for you to move on. She’s a tattoo artist, she’s probably going to get more tattoos. 

  • Women look like trash with ink.

    They are all emotionally damaged

  • She’s not the girl for you.  I don’t know her and I know why she gets them.  You should know why, you have all the information already because you’ve just passed enough on to me, a total stranger, to know.  But you don’t know her, which is – disturbing.  I don’t think you will understand if you don’t already and this will cause tensions.  Also, if she is a tattoo artist she will get many, many more tattoos and never stop adjusting and perfecting them while you don’t like tattoos.  This will bother you a lot.

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