Why does my mom baby me?

Im 13 years old and my mom babys me like Im a newborn.She makes me wear diapers.She changes them.She evenʙʀᴇᴀsтfeeds me.I getʙʀᴇᴀsтfed in the morning before I go to school ,after school ,and before I go to bed.Can she still do that?I cant go out front.I cant hang with friends.I can only go outback.My bedtime is at 7.I go to school.I have to hold her hands where ever we go.I cant go anywhere by myself.I cant watch horror movies.Shes been treating me like a baby my whole life.Im her only kid.I have no dad.He left when I was 3.Thats what my mom said.She makes me call her mommy.Even when Im at the mall with friends.Can she do that?What can I do to stop this?

7 Answers

  • OMG your mom needs helpʙʀᴇᴀsт feed? really gross I would tell her to stop like honestly or probably just leave for real that's just disturbing

  • Lol when i saw the title i thought you meant baby you as in just call you baby names....Not make you wear diapers andʙʀᴇᴀsтfeed you..


    Why don't you run away and sell some weed for a living...makes you a lot of money 😉

  • She changes you?? That's really awkward. Does she cange you in public or give you baths? If u go swimming do u have to wear a life jacket and swimmer? Does she bathe you completely ɴᴀκᴇᴅ in the shower room?

  • Omg! You need to speak up to your mom! Tell her that we could spend time with each other but I'm not a baby! Tell her that you will always be there but you thirteen not 1!

  • Oh my god. RUn away from home. Only answer. Climb out your window, go to the store, buy 4 tubs of ice cream with her money, give them to homeless people for weed, get high, go home.

  • You can go to Cousiling

    ... Its not normal for You OR Her to be doing this ...

    .. Tell her if she wants to do all that to you ..

    Tell her to go get ** by some random

    And then she'd be happy?? with her baby??

    She might be Psycho??

  • slap her in the face with that diaper of yours. Teach that woman some sense!

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