Why does my screen seem to jump when I scroll down? Also, defragging?

It's been doing it for a while now, but my computer screen seems to jump down quite slowly when I scroll, rather than doing a smooth scroll. The mouse settings are correct and should be scrolling down smoothly, I think it's something to do with my screen. Can you help me sort this out because it's really annoying!?

Also, how do I defrag my computer?

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  • hi there

        when the screen jumps when scrolling down this is normally for one of two reasons,the first is that there are either none or out of date graphic card drivers and in both cases the solution is to download the latest driver from your graphic cards manufacturers website
         however since you have not mentioned the name and model of your graphic card i cant give you a link for the drivers however since 90% of all graphic cards are either nvidia or a.t.i here are the links to their driver download web pages :

    nvidia : http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-...

    a.t.i drivers : http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.HTML

        using the appropriate link you can download the latest drivers and then after removing the old driver(wer applicable) you can then install the new driver
         also you may want to check the refresh rate as this can also affect the performance of your display,you can change your refresh rate by right clicking the desktop>properties>settings>advanced>monitor>then change the refresh rate to the desired setting,however make sure the box is checked that says" hide rates this monitor cannot support" as if you set the rate too high your monitor will become "out of range" and if this happens just wait and after 15 seconds the display will return back to its previous refresh rate
           defragging ...this is in laymans terms windows way of sorting out the files into a contiguous order,and this is done by either using the windows default defragmenter(start>programs>accesories>system tools>disk defragmenter) and then click defragement,the hard drive will then be analysed and then defragged,and depending on the degree of fragmentation this can take from 20 minutes up to 3 hours(or longer)
         however there are some excellent 3rd party defragementers with the most popular being "diskeeper" from http://www.diskeeper.com/,and the main reason for this is because it uses "invisitasking" which basically means you can continue with your work without the defragging affecting your pc.s performance,something that was impossible when using the windows defragger
          personally myself i use the "Auslogics Disk Defrag" from http://www.auslogics.com/disk-defrag,this is a excellent utility and it defrags my 320gb drive in less than 1 hour(after 3 months usage)
           however dont defrag your drive too regular,once a month should be enough,and less than this would be a waste of time
          this is because defragging puts a massive strain on your hard drive and too much of it can cause ireversible damage to the drive
          summary : download the latest video drivers to stop the jumping when scrolling,and defrag using the windows version or one of the two programs above
         any problems let me know
                 good luck mate !

  • Windows 7 and higher Defrags automatically on startup although it may not necessarily always do a thorough job of it. You can also opt to do a manual defrag in Windows 7 if you feel it is really needed but it has been pointed out that this is bad on the hard drive if done Too often. Windows 7 does a pretty fair job of keeping things (files) in order. If you have been doing a lot of downloads or any work that requires many files to be oƿє-ṅєd such as extensive office work and the such for an extended period of time (long work day or many hours without letup) it would be best to let Windows 7 have say maybe 15 minutes or so when you reboot or start your PC up the next time (next day for instance) before starting Any activity or work to give it time to do and finish an auto defrag. Turn your PC on and go get your coffee if that is one of your routines or just take a break and give it time to do its thing ! Don't do any security scans while defragging unless it is an emergency. Windows XP you have to do a manual defrag every time when it was necessary. I did A Lot of music editing in Windows XP Media Player 11 and would have to defrag right afterward after a Long run but any other time maybe once a week or even once a month otherwise. I don't use Windows 8 or 10 so I can't speak for that and I believe Vista takes care of things like 7 but not really sure of that either. As for scrolling problems I think the other posts have covered much of that already. Hope this helps someone.

  • For the smooth scrolling make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. If you have no idea it is probable a nVidia so Google that to find their website and that will set up with with the correct downloads. Or visit Crucial Memory and do a memory scan, this should also display your graphics information.

    You only need to Defrag if your using PC or a Windows computer. If you are using Windows XP click




    System Tools

    Disk Defragmenter

    It is recommend that you Defrag your hard drive at least every month, so if this is the first time maybe leaving it over night would be best.

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  • Assuming you have windows, you are looking for System Defrag, which is usually under system tools and will do it automatically for you.

    It depends on how you scroll. If you use a wheel on your mouse and its jerky, then something may be wrong with the wheel. Swap it with another mouse - if you have one - to make sure.

  • I have an imac so what do I do when it jumps all over to the next video etc. even when I don't touch the mouse?

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  • This answer assumes you're operating residing house windows XP: sounds like both you do not have adequate RAM to handle the decision for. you may check out how a lot RAM you've with the help of correct clicking on "My pc" and choosing "residences" (it truly is going to reveal close to the bottom correct of the reveal screen that pops up) in case you experience you've adequate RAM then it must be your video card. Your driver must be corrupt or lacking (fairly once you've reformatted the device). to study this, correct click on "My pc" and choose "deal with". Then flow to the "gadget manager" selection on the left hand section. it truly is going to reveal a itemizing of units. detect the "reveal adapters" selection and press the "+" to bare the kinds of reveal adapters. correct click on the adapters and choose "replace driver". also examine that there aren't any units contemporary which have not were given a driver (those will be displayed with the help of a yellow question mark). in basic terms correct click on the gadget and attempt to detect the driver with the help of connecting to the internet. wish this permits Bloodhound technologies

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