Why does my skin seem to sparkle?

Okay, so my skin is really pale and always dry. I was bored and decided to look at my hands to see that they seemed to have glitter on them, like embedded into the skin, then I looked at my arms and legs and they also seemed to have glitter. I don’t use make-up, I am NOT a friggin’ vampire, and my body wash or any product I use on my skin doesn’t have any glitter. I heard it could be caused by having oily skin, but my skin is always real dry. Why does my skin appear to sparkle?

Thanks! ( If you answered…)

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  • Haha. Everybody is being annoying and telling you you’re a vampire.

    Seriously though, I know what you’re talking about. I used to think I had it just from when I wiped by blush on my hand, until one summer where I hadn’t worn makeup in a month.

    It’s just oil, even if you’re not oily (I have very dry skin too) your skin still has some oil in it. I notice I only sparkle in certain light.

    Unless you’re talking about constantly looking like you rolled in glue, then silver craft glitter, then you need to see the dermatologist because that is some crazy s***.

  • mine does that too, all of the time – any given time you look at my skin in the light and closely it sparkles. My boyfriend was surprised the first day he noticed it. It s been that way my whole life and probably you too except maybe you didn t notice. It s not the most apparent thing, but once you see it you can t help but feel special. Those adds can talk all they want about making "your skin sparkle" but the natural sparkle can t be beat. I never wear make-up btw. I even used to have a sparkle in my eye though – that was more weird than sparkly skin. It was in my left eye for 2-3 years, a small but noticeable purple sparkle. I suffer with depression and often have negative feelings towards myself, but whenever I see my skin sparkling I m reminded that I m an important being too.

  • I get the exact same thing and it is very special. This happens all over the world. It has happened to me and I really believe that it is that you a very spiritual person or have said some prayers or someone has prayed for you. I had had just finished chemotherapy about a year previously when it happened. First I thought it was that but speaking to the Hospital they assured me the drugs were well out of my system. I had it all over my palms bright and glittery and others saw it too. It went after a week but I was told afterwards that many people at that time had been praying for me. I truly believe that those prayers somehow were answered.And God was telling me he was answering them. I never had this before EVER. I never attend any Church at all so I am not a Holy person. After this I now believe there is someone who hears. So do not worry someone is telling you it is ok. I do believe prayers have power and that was the only answer I could reach.I am still in remission thankfully so I do know this happens. I looked to see if anyone else has had this happen and I read that it happens when certain people pray. Prayers have power and for me it meant I am still with my family. I thank those people who prayed for me it because works it did for me.

  • It’s called Ascension the 3rd answer about prayers has a lot to do with it. At this time (it sounds nuts but true) we are evolving. We are being exposed to more light and gamma rays then ever before (this can get very spiritual quick) we are much more then we’ve been led to believe. They say 10 strands of our dna is "junk", nope. That 10 strands on the individuals who are ready (basically just choosing love is all it takes) those 10 strands are being activated. You’re creating your new "light body". I thought all this was crazy until it happened to me. If you look closely you will also see hexagons and other dna codes coming out of your skin. More and more people will start to experience this until the "event" or 3 pulses of light (sept-dec)trigger the ascension to 5d. The more spiritual u r the faster it happens. The secret kept frm us is that we are all God’s and Goddesses.We have a piece of source/God within us,It’s time we remembered. Wake up everyone. 3d is hell were going home.

  • I’ve been noticing this lately too! I first noticed it on my hand, but today I noticed it on my forearms. For the past few weeks I’ve also noticed my veins in my palms, arms, and chest have been VERY bright blue looking. Weird.

  • Sounds like your a vampire…

  • Whatever the reason, there is probably no reason to be alarmed. It’s kinda cool actually!

    It is probably just your skin’s natural oils, sweat, etc.

  • So, it sounds to me that you are Edward off of Twilight :3

  • There is only one answer to this. You ready?! YOU’RE A VAMPIRE.

    just busting your’ chops. I don’t really know.

  • Goddd guys she said she wasnt a goddamn vampire. But i really dont know why it could do that. (;

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  1. It’s a Crystalline DNA upgrade..your DNA is activating and your body is moving from carbon based to crystalline or light body!

  2. The Shining Ones appear in many myths and cultures by different names and descriptions,
    Nephilim, Elohim, Giants, Watchers but always as gods or creational forces of light.
    They are generally described as tall ethereal beings who are extraterrestrial


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