Why does Pizza Hut always give me diarrhea?


Kay, don't be rude. -_____-

15 Answers

  • You are supposed to wash your own hands before you touch or eat food, especially after your last visit to the little room.

  • I get indigestion every time I eat Pizza Hut, especially their wings. I try not to eat there but I love the wings, so it's like once every month at the most. But I always end up with problems when I do. Not a good indication as far as quality goes.

  • Pizza Hut consistently has the greasiest and fattiest pizza on the rare occasions I've eaten it. One of my enduring memories of Pizza Hut is seeing the literal pools of grease on the pizzas in the buffet. Lots of grease and fat will give you the runs, as will overeating. Cut down, or better yet, find a higher quality restaurant to order pizza from.

  • It could be you are simply eating too much. Pizza Hut uses a lot of oil on the pizza pans and everything is high in fat and calories.

  • LOL, When i eat pizza hut, i feel fine most of the time but sometimes looking at the bill and the quantity they offer, that does give me diarrrhea.

  • You must have eaten from their salad bar after some kid just came out of the restroom and failed to wash his hands after wiping himself down there. The kids are always mucking up the salad bar. They should have a policy that only adults can use the salad bar. In fact their policy should say only adults can eat there. Or one of the crew acted just like the kids when he refilled the salad bar.

  • Cos Pizza Hut isnt very hygenic! (i always see kids sticking their hands into the salad bar)

    Although their Pizza's are delicious, mmm. Get better soon xx

  • Just 1 tiny piece has my stomach upset, thats why i eat homemade pizza its not all oiled/greesy with fake cheese w/e they use at the pizza places, the cheese and greese is insane.

  • Are you allergic to any of the ingredients, colliac, or yeah it may be a fact of not being very hygienic.

  • Maybe you could be allergic to something... Like the sauce, an ingredient, either that or you maybe lactose to something? anything could be possible...

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