Why does Walmart sell the analog police scanners in their store? ?

I ran across police scanner at Walmart but they are the analog version, the version that you cannot use at least in my location because they switched over to digital.

I briefly bought it and couldn’t find an update and ended up sending it back 

4 Answers

  • because the people who buy stuff there aren’t very bright.

    i know, i used to work there.

  • If all you want to listen to are trains, airplanes and housewives sharing grocery lists on  walkie talkies and CB, analog scanners are fine. Analog scanners are much  cheaper than digital scanners, but are useless to monitor digital radio.  Do your homework before you shop for another scanner. Lookit: “radioreference.com”.

  • There are plenty of places that have yet to switch to digital.  

  • get a digital through Amazon

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