Why don’t conservatives realize that true Marxism/Communism has never been tried?

The USSR and other dictatorships are not true Marxist societies. Conservatives say that Communism always fail and lead to tyranny, but true Marxism (in which the workers control the means of production) has not been implemented yet. Why don’t conservatives realize this? Would we have true Marxism if conservatives didn’t exist?

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  • Yes it has. It hasn’t worked out the way the theory says it should because it is impossible to implement in reality, but it has certainly been tried….and failed

  • no, it will never exist because the individual is greedy and never satisfied, as well as competitive by nature.

  • It’s a very difficult question. I cannot answer you immediately.Let me think about it and I am gonna give you the answer later.

  • True Marxism (Das Kapital) is doomed to fail also as it is a flawed economic model. Marx et al. treated labor as a commodity. It clearly isn’t. If it were, people would be interchangeable means for production without loss of production. But that isn’t the case is it? People are not created equal.

    Before you get your knickers in a bind, true capitalism (Wealth of Nations style) is also doomed to fail. Smith knew this, which is why he inserted the “invisible hand” of corporate ethics into the model. Without it, the distribution of wealth would fail and the rich would get richer and the poor poorer.

  • TRUE communism is a stateless society that cannot work. Even the Marxists behind the USSR, Maoist China, etc. realized this. It’s impossible. The best Lenin, Trotsky and others could think to do was to implement socialism, the development stage that Marx said would lead to communism. This society still had a state, ie government ownership of the means of production. Therefore it was workable…even if horribly inefficient and oppressive.

    Without a state, you cannot control the people. Crime runs amok. Black markets dominate. See many sub-saharan African nations that have weak, ineffectual, and nearly non-existant states. Life is awful there. Even worse than under socialism. That is what communism would be if anyone actually tried to implement it.

    However, let me congratulate you. You are one of the VERY small number of advocates of Marxism that actually seems to know what it is, even if you obviously haven’t exposed yourself to the diversity of readings necessary to understand it’s implications. Most socialist advocates don’t even seem to be able to define it, much less communism.

  • The problem is not in the theory, which in itself is bad and utterly flawed, the problem is in the practice.

  • Capitalism has never really been tried, either. Why don’t we try it and see if it really works without the federal government interfering and deciding who the winners and losers will be? Companies that can’t sell their inferior products go out of business while companies that provide what the consumer wants will succeed.

  • It’s not that they believe it’s never been tried. They believe that it will always go off the rails because it doesn’t recognise people’s natural individuality and selfishness, and that it’s inefficient. They also think it’s too much of a theoretical idea without being anchored in real experience. They are of course wrong.

  • “Conservatives” are still living in fear of the monster that Joseph McCarthy created. They like it that way.

  • Pure systems don’t work. The most sustainable system is capitalism with elements of socialism.

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