Why getting Advanced Degrees doesn’t matter?

College is a waste of time right? People with Masters and Phds can’t even find jobs!

4 Answers

  • Because, on the basis of only advance degree are not the key of success, getting a advance degree doesn’t define the skill and capabilities to do any task. positive attitude, responsive & humble behavior and quick classification of a problem and right direction and force is also required to do a task within discipline and within given time frame. So the courage is also matter.

  • They can if they quit majoring in communications and sociology.

  • That is just a gross oversimplification and you are just being facetious. Many jobs require advanced degrees and many do not. A top student will get a job regardless, and it is up to the student to be prudent about their education and goals. Entitlement seems to be the norm right now.

  • It depends what the degree is in. Obviously, in the US we don’t have doctors, dentists, veterinarians, college professors or lawyers without advanced degrees. Other fields that require or encourage graduate degrees include education, counseling, social work, nursing, and business. It’s true that some graduate/post graduate degrees are more marketable than others. A medical doctor will probably find a job; a person with a PhD in Medieval Spanish Poetry may not. That’s not to say not to pursue advanced degrees; students just need to weigh the pros and cons. They are expensive and time consuming, but I wouldn’t say they don’t matter.

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