Why in the 18th Century did the British use torture executions on nonviolent rebelling slaves in the West Indies?

In Antigua and Barbuda, Prince Klaas also know as King Court wanted one thing.

It was for the slaves of the East Caribbean British overseas territory of ANTIGUA to have some autonomy over their own destiny!

They were experts in clearing fields, growing sugar cane, using boiling room to produce sugar extract and they used this to import the sugar back to the Queen for English tea which they taxed to the American colonies

But the people of Antigua and Barbuda wanted some freedom over their own destiny and instead of respecting this liberty…

The British enslavers used executions such as Burning slaves alive and

Torture by Spinning Wheel where they broke every bone in body and then forced the wheel to shock slaves to death

Why were the British so mean like this on such a beautiful Caribbean island using such torture?

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  • for money we do change some of us are the vermin capitalists the ones in charge I am afraid the rest of us just die in war we always have and the vermin have always profited it’s history

  • Because they were scared.

    Btw any rebellion was not nonviolent. But Klaas’ plotting may have been exaggerated by his accusers anyway.

  • Why did the tribes in Africa sell them to slavers in the first place? Oh yeah, so they could steal all their rivals’ possessions (which ostensibly you’re fine with).

    After 1807, the British Royal Navy actually patrolled the west coast of Africa to stop the slave trade.

    Who else on Earth did that at the time?

    Did you know?

    The natives of North and South America as well as Africans owned slaves prior to ever meeting a European? I think not!

  • Edit: This was not the same people who formed the Beatles and David Bowie and the Human League and Rolling Stones went very shagadelic baby yeaaaaa.

    What kind of British were these in Antigua?

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