Why is Britain trying to be America?

We copy America religiously, renaming schools ‘academies’, renaming parts of our cities ‘quarters’, having proms at academies, cable tv, even deluded weirdos blocking airport runways while shouting at the police to not shoot em !!!

WTF is going on? have we finally bowed to the rich power?

9 Answers

  • No country on earth is trying to be America. Trust me!

  • How?

  • They saw what a mess it became and decided to go balls deep

  • Oh issum the poor dear upset that the modern world isn’t like when he was a child?

  • They want more problems

  • Late, and no sense of timing. Trying to recapture lost Empire by imitating the NEW empire when the “new” empire is already OLD and it’s ALREADY ON ITS WAY OUT, ain’t exactly logical.

    Plus, they have this weird idea that even though we have almost five times their population, and our whites of Anglo background are a MINORITY, that somehow we are “their children.”

    If the Brits were all Irish, or African, or Spanish, or German, that would make a _little_ more sense.

    But as it is, we have MANY more differences than similarities.

  • Their not trying to be,everything from America filters into the uk

  • What do you mean? And why shouldn’t they?

  • why would anyone try to be a country that has Trump has president?

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