Why is China genociding so many Uighurs that their population is growing?

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  • Genocide is a political term that can have different meanings to different people.

    One legal understanding is implied intend. Its clear that Chinese politics Xinjiang are not of an implied intent to wipe them out, but under different standings it can be said that their is a will to dilute their way of life and culture to make it more “CPC” friendly.

    Most people in the West think its odd that for decades that Uyghurs have worked and lived the way they have in Xinjiang sudden go to education camps, which uncanny look like prisons, for training to help get work.

  • Xi Jinping Thot.. you are obviously a paid for CCP TROLL .. and not very good at your job!!!

    Hopefully your Chinese Communist Party boss will not have you imprisoned or killed for being incompetent. 


  • The Muslims are usually have 10 kids per family, China only allow them to have 5 kids which too little, they don’t care whether Han Chinese families only allowed 1 child or no child…but they  want as many as possible,. Because God Allah say Muslim will be the only race dominated the whole world in just 50 years to come…Allahu Akbar.

  • Because China does not have the love affair with Islam tthat the American liberal has. They have seen the trouble that occurs when large muslim minority populations decide to go radical in other nations, and they don’t want it in theirs. 

  • Try not to getting into an accident on the road or catching some new virus to plague humanity, chinito. 

  • The chart is 3 years out of date. Today’s genocide will be reflected in the future. Han Chinese are not being persecuted. Uighurs rebelling, which included some violence, triggered the Government to take the inhumane response of “correction” camps and sterilization of women.

  • China needs to be held accountable for killing minority Muslims. 

  • That source is fake.

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