Why is Coors called the Banquet Beer?

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  • Because when it was created, many beers were heavier and darker.

    It was meant to be a sort of “lighter”beer.

  • This is directly from the Coors website: COORS BANQUET. Coors was first introduced by Adolph Coors in April 1874. It’s nicknamed the Banquet Beer. Legend has it that in the late 1800s, thirsty miners threw celebratory banquets, with Coors as the honorary beer because of its superior craftsmanship.

  • Banquet Beer

  • Because Miller is the champagne of beers and Budweiser is the King of Beers. Colors needed a slogan -hence the Banquet Beer

  • Because a six pack of Coors and a baked potato is a seven course meal or a banquet !!!!! 🙂

  • The real deal:

    Adolf Coors set up shop in Golden, CO (no news there). Golden was the hub for much of the mining in and around the Rockies. When the miners would come to town for supplies, Adolf would throw “banquets” for them as a sign of thanks for their patronage and to promote his local brew. Thus, Original Coors (the only Coors at the time) became known as the “Banquet Beer” to all the miners. The name and tradition stuck.

  • I think that’s just what it was nicknamed because it was a pale lager. It is the oldest beer that Coors has made.

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  • Thank you for all the answers

  • Don’t read into it too much. Just consume it and enjoy the effects. Good times!!!

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