Why is Elvin Bishop sitting on a bail of hay?

5 Answers

  • He aint good lookin' but he sure can play

    and there's ZZTopp and you can't forget

    that ole brother Willie's getting soaking wet

    and all the good people down in Tennesee

    are digging barefoot Jerry and the CDB

    so gather round, gather round children get down

    well just get down children, get loud, get loud

    and be proud, be proud you're a rebel cause

    the souths gonna do it again, and again.

    South's Gonna Do it Again by The Charlie Daniels Band

  • Maybe it's because he's a good ol' country boy, but more likely it's just because "hay" rhymes with "play", so it works well in the song.

  • he ain't good looking but he sure can play

    Charlie Daniels Band 70-80's Hits

  • mabe he's helpin Dicky Betts play that red guitar

  • he ain't good looking but he sure can play.

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