Why is Hillary so stupid? Comey called her actions to be negligent but w/o intent meaning ignorant &stupid. Is she really the smartest woman?

Oh is that what that little “c” means?

I can’t have government classified and top secret information on my home server?

You mean wipe the drive, like with a rag?

3 Answers

  • Let’s let Hillary rest. If you can’t find anything good, then say nothing. She is the past.

  • ?Why is Trump so stupid, Comey had his statements/ actions in a memo immediately. Is he really the stupidest man alive ?

    I can’t even read what you wrote. Where are you from? China? Common Sense · 23 hours ago

    The only other option then would be that she had intent and belongs in jail. Common Sense · 23 hours ago

    Another option or hint, then use uncommon sense, LOL

  • I wouldn’t say she is stupid. Becoming a senator and secretary of state is impressive, you can’t be a dummy if you get yourself into congress.

    but she is more so out of touch with reality and lacks a lot of common sense

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