Why is ‘How now brown cow?’ not in the movie, ‘My Fair Lady’ anymore?

I remember this phrase being in this movie when I watched it many years ago. I just watched it a while ago now and this dialogue isn’t there. I’ve been looking all over the internet and there is no mention of this phrase ever being used in the movie. Wasn’t it? Am I crazy?

Thank you Interrobang.

Maybe you’re right.

Thanks Puzzgal.

2 Answers

  • I’m pretty sure it has never been there. I have seen Pymalion and My Fair Lady, read Pygmalion, and assistant-directed the musical My Fair Lady and the catchphrase has always been “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”. If Higgins had gone back and forth between the two phrases, it wouldn’t have been as funny.

  • Maybe you’re thinking of that scene from that terrible tv show The Nanny. They had an episode called “My Fair Nanny”


    I tried looking up the line in both “Pygmalion” and “My Fair Lady” but found nothing.

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