Why is Marijuana considered a narcotic?

Remember Marijuana was not a narcotic and alcohol was a narcotic at one point in time.

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  • It isn’t a narcotic. It is a hallucinogen like mescaline and psilocybin. Narcotic are like morphine, codeine and oxycodone which kill pain. I think you are confusing the term narcotic with controlled substance. Marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance which means that there is no recognized therapeutic use in the US. However, the active ingredient, THC is a schedule 3 and is used to stimulate appetite and for control of nausea. It has some applications in narrow angle glaucoma too.

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  • You are right about marijuana not being a narcotic…however, I don’t think it should be classed as a hallucinogen either, because it just simply does not have that effect! A slight euphoria yes, but people don’t “see” things after smoking it. That’s more like LSD, or Acid in that case!

  • @ maceachnr. “LSD OR Acid” ? They are the same exact thing 😂 And, Weed is a hallucinogen in the plant family. The term narcotic originally referred medically to any psychoactive compound with sleep-inducing properties. But has since then evolved.

  • Its not a narcotic altho on tv ive heard cops call it narcotic. I wish people could pull thier heads out of there *** n pay attention. Pot is a natural medication for many health & mental health problems. DEA, RECLASIFY POT TODAY! GOVERNMENT KEEP POT FREE WILL NO TAX. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE ITS WORKED FINE JUST HOW IT IS FOR GENERATIONS OTHER THAN THE LAWS INVOLVEMENT. You stupid you people put alcohol on our streets, when i smoke pot i dont have 2 rds in front of my to drive, My motor skills work fine, My sight isnt blurry. My spech isnt slurred. And im a happier person. Dumb *** officials already screwed up when they judged whiskey. DONT SCREW UP AGAIN!!!

  • I`ve had glimpses of Shiva & other Hindu icons,while meditating after smoking.So i wonder,whats the difference between having biblical visions & hallucinations?

  • I I have been a drug and alcohol specialist for many years. David M. is right on the money. It is certainly not a narcotic.

  • Tetra-hydra-cloric-acid

  • It is classified as a hallucinogen because some people hallucinate when they use it. I am one of them.

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