Why is Mucinex so expensive?

For the amount pills it has in there….its really expensive…

I have tried it just wondering why its so expensive if it comes with a low amount of pills….

6 Answers

  • Because it actually works. My daughters doctor told me never to use the cold medicines that are on the market because they don’t help the problem they just mask the symptoms and to only use Mucinex, because it actually helps get all the yucks out of the baby’s lungs.

  • Think about what the price of a prescription costs before your insurance picks up the difference and you wouldn’t think that way. Even worse… what it cost for a prescription if you don’t have insurance – it’s even worse. Considering the fact that it is over the counter and you can get it without paying for an office visit – it is really not that expensive.

  • Get a generic. Walmart has generic mucinex, so other places must have it, too. The active ingredient is guafenisen, so look for it on the box.

  • Get the generic version of guaifenesin which is becoming rarer but can still be found. Costco has a Kirkland s brand, and Walgreens has their own brand as well.

  • Because it works. and it works great Try it out one time and you will see

  • it works

    also are economy is kinda screwed up if u dont already know that

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