why is my вυŧŧ ƈɾąƈƙ low?

Lol ok I noee this is a weird question but why is my вυŧŧ ƈɾąƈƙ low? Is there anything I can do 2 make iht higher? And why is it low? I'm black/white (idk if that'll help)

4 Answers

  • Just the way you are built. I suppose you could try "butt lifting" exercises but it might not help.

  • Get evaluated by a doctor. It coud be simple muscle strain but maybe something a little more problematic like a herniated lumbar disc.

  • Everyone's body is different, but if you do not like it you can either get plastic surgery. Cause with out a high *** crack, plumbing is not a good career path!

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  • well why is my buttcrack so high??

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