Why is Saudi Arabia giving Trump peace medalion when they hated him before he got elected?

Although i have read some Saudis support him too in comments. But like this seems mostly strategical or it may be just me? Like they dont wanna piss people off etc.

But i may be wrong though, i mean there has been some Saudi Arabs who are critical of backwardness and stuff.

But when i mean the typical liberal media its usually TYT who gets funded by Qatar which has borders to Saudi Arabia, which always wanna make them seem like the weed lazy working people who support everyone without believing in hard work.

Just curious to your views? Everything is in general fake news though because people with political agenda can twist stuff, sadly no news organization wanna be neautral. But i am just wondering?

TYT is funded by Al Jazeera was what i ment, and Al Jazeera is an arab news organization in Qatar.

2 Answers

  • They want to borrow some money

  • 1. They are kissing up because they want something from him.

    2. They are feeding his ego.

    3. They are hiding something.

    4. Unlike our So Called President they are attempting to show respect eve if it isn’t deserved.

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