Why is the last name Roy pronounced ‘wah’?

EX: Patrick Roy

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    Why is the last name Roy pronounced 'wah'?

    EX: Patrick Roy

  • Patrick Roy Pronunciation

  • Its because he is french. The name isnt always pronounced like that Ex: Derek Roy. Roi is french for king so thats what it means and so some people just pronounce it the french way. like when saying Huet, you dont pronounce the T.

  • Ro-wah, cause their are french. it’s just the accent.

    Since I’m not french, I don’t speak with an accent so it’s Roy, rhymes with boy, as far as I’m concerned. Just like I pronounce Mexico, Mecksico, not Mehico, cause I’m not Mexican.

    But some people are pretentious and insist on suddenly adopting foreigners accents when pronouncing certain things.

  • It’s the French pronunciation.

  • Because the whole world does not speak English, or pronounce things the way Americans do.

  • Because he’s a frenchman and can’t pronounce it properly. I’ve met the guy’s cousin, and he pronounces it ‘Roy’, not “Rrr-wah”.

  • Im pretty sure it is because it is french. Im not 100% sure, but thats what ive heard

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