Why is there Red Corn in Stool?

I know this is a little more than some want to know but I'm honestly a little freaked out by this. I ate corn with my dinner for the past two nights in a row and have since had 3 bowel movements. The weird thing is the corn kernels are all bright red! The past 3 times I have gone its been this way. I don't really see bright red throughout the entire stool but basically just the kernels. It looks like a lot of bright red when i look at it but it seems to be only on the corn kernels. No, i didn't eat red corn either it was just plain bright yellow when i ate it. My question is.. has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone heard of this? I was curious if sometimes corn just naturally turns red as it digests but i couldnt find any good information searching the web....which makes me a little more concerned. Thanks for the comments..they are appreciated

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  • yeah, corn and tomato sauce or hot sauce


    don't worry about it it's not blood

  • Red Corn In Stool

  • OK stay calm some of the corn could have transplanted into your blood in the bowel and come out in the poo red. also you come have something like and open artery in your bowel allowing the blood to flow through. that is a very personal question i suggest you speak to a doctor about this and if this happens again seek urgent hospital advice

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    It's probably just chilli pepper flakes from the spicy chicken, they tend not to digest well, and the corn might have taken the colour from the spicy chicken's coating.

  • if you haven't eaten corn in the last 3 days, GO TO THE ER.

  • You are a rookie. Back home we have rings of steel, it just takes practise.

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