why isn’t holocaust denial a federal offence?

In Germany holocaust denial can be punished by up to 5 years of jail time.

why can’t we do the same here in america or more?

the good thing is that if this law was passed, it would put a lot of racist bigoted white nationalists in jail.

10 Answers

  • The US has this thing called “freedom of speech,” and the more disgusting the speech, the more it needs protection. Without that protection, our open society is diminished and threatened.

  • In Germany this law was introduced by the victors in order to brainwash the people , I don´t think someone should have the power to dictate which thoughts and opinions are politically correct while criminalize all opposing viewpoints…

  • It really makes you think that it didn’t happen if they have to make a law to stop ppl saying it

  • Germany is a very young country. It didn’t exist before about 1870, and with the exception of a few years in the 1920’s and early 1930’s it has never existed as a unified democracy until the end of the cold war. That is why its people are like little children, who need guidance and controls. Unlike America which has been a country since 1776 and has always claimed to be a democracy.

  • Look ahead, not back. Who would care if someone denied the Spanish Inquisistion?

  • We have that pesky freedom of speech thinggy

    I would like to see racist jailed

    And people who oppose Clinton

    And Baptist

    And people who shop at Walmart…

    Where do you draw the line.

  • America likes to just let idiots run around instead of actually doing something about them

  • Alan because Germany did such acts in their history of WW2 and are ashamed of it , we in the US give Israel welfare millions, its a process.

  • In the US, we have free speech because it is a human right of citizens.

    In Europe they don’t have free speech because it is a privilege that government gives, and can take, from their subjects.

  • Because we have a little thing called “the First Amendment.” Look it up.

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