Why isn’t the White House commenting on Turkish Security beating and hospitalizing AMERICAN CITIZENS IN OUR COUNTRY?

I don’t care who it is, Liberals, Conservatives, Far-Right, Far-Left – they’re Americans and NO COUNTRY’S LEADERS should be allowed to come to America and beat on people exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

8 Answers

  • Because the White House endorses such action

  • That is OK if they have diplomatic immunity. The US never lifts diplomatic immunity in the case of its own embassy staff in other countries, and they return the courtesy.

  • What can they do other than protest? It’s not like the thugs can be prosecuted.

  • A half of million to the right crony buys silence.

  • The Turkish president hasn’t learned English.

  • They believe those Americans deserved it.

  • Possibly because it’s too busy fielding questions from the reporters’ hard-ons for anything to do with Russia.

  • What else do you want the White House to comment on?

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