why was change of heart banned?

In the yu gi oh tcg game. Was it really that bad of a card? o.o

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  • Change of Heart was banned due to the fact that it gives you a free monster with absolutely no cost as to activating it, and there are no restrictions to what you may do to the monster (you can attack, tribute etc…)

    On the other hand there is a card out that replaced Change of Heart which might have added to the reason of why it might have been banned which is Brain Control same effect as Change of Heart but requires 800 Life Points to be payed and its limited.

    Another card that has been seeing some play lately is Mind Control even though you may not attack or tribute the monster you may use it for a Synchro Summon. (this card has not cost and i also limited)

  • Hmm a card that has no restrictions on what you can do with the monster you choose to control for one turn is banned… Geez want some cheese with your whine?

    Wah I had my ultimate monster in my deck that I had to sacrifice 3 monsters to summon, used to attack me or used for a summon and because of that I think the card should be banned… Grow up, that was the entire point of the card. You do not like playing against someone who has it give up and stop being a spoiled brat expecting everything to go your way

  • Like most banned cards, it wasn’t that good of a card it’s just that there was no cost in it except that it was only for one turn.

    For example Brain Control is the same except you have to pay 800 life points to use it.

    Mind control you don’t have to pay anything, but you can’t tribute it.

    So of all the cards that let you take control of a monster change of heart was the most advantageous to a player.

  • Change Of Heart Yugioh

  • How would you feel if your monster was taken on the spot use, tributes, synchro, etc and the player you were going against was allowed to have 3? Not a very good feeling

  • 1 – There isn’t a cost to play it.

    2 – There are no restrictions on what you can do with the monster you control.

    3 – You can Target face-downs.


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