Why was Russia irrelevant at the end of GWB term and now a major player at the end of Obama term?

Did Obama create a new and empowered Russia in the same way he created ISIS?

7 Answers

  • Ubama weakened the US. Putin is quick to pounce on weakness

  • You are only calling this “the end of Obama term” because it is something inconvenient. This is in fact the “beginning of Trump term” so own it, you Republican weasel. The relevance comes from Trump getting Russians to rig the election for him and giving them intelligence secrets and covering it up by firing people in Justice and the Bureau. You only try laying these at Obama’s door because you are a sneaking Weasel.

  • Most likely because Russia was still recovering from the collapse of the USSR. Russia is a country who went major political upheavals.

  • I guess you missed the Russians moving into Southern Ossetia (in Georgia) during GWB’s term?

  • Russia became relevant because they fought for their interests in Ukraine and Syria. And during GWB’s term we almost got into nuclear war over Georgia, but some people seem to forget that.

  • Oh im sorry is Obama still president? I thought Orange Hitler had his fat *** in the oval office now

  • They weren’t a “major player” at the end of the Obama term. They only became a major player when Trump got elected.

    My dog could run circles around yours.

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